Meet Wilcomp Team

For several years Wilcomp has been engaged in distribution of  scuba and snorkelling equipment along with other accessories useful for fishing, hunting or survival. Thanks to our experience and constant desire to develop ourselves we have selected the assortment which combines both high quality and reasonable price. What’s most exciting for us is that our equipment can be a part of the greatest adventures of a lifetime.  

Scuba and snorkelling gear

Wilcomp offers scuba and snorkelling gear of the highest quality and the finest materials so that our customers can feel comfortable and safe, when they explore the underwater world. What’s more, thanks to the wide range of our assortment, anyone can complete their perfect equipment, which will assist many aquatic adventures.

Select your tools

For a number of years we help our clients to match their ideal scuba and snorkeling gear. Many of them have stayed with us until now. If you need help in choosing the best equipment for you, we will be more than happy to advise you.